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About the STC

The leader of the initiative is Dr. Arnold Pears from Uppsala University, Sweden.

The STC aims to encourage informal exchange of research and experience in all areas of computing education.


IEEE Computer Society Special Technical Communities (STCs) aim to provide focused knowledge on a given subject in order to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. STCs offer a new engagement model for IEEE Computer Society (CS) members and the broader computer practitioner world to collaborate for their individual and mutual benefit, specifically to advance technical topics to the benefit of the profession.

STC Education 

This STC forms a community of those interested in all forms of educational research and pedagogy in the field of computing. The network supports active and experienced researchers, as well as those interested in developing expertise in the area. Its primary aim is to develop good practice in learning and teaching activities, and inform educational strategy and policy in computing, through a wide variety of models ranging from action research to purely theoretical works.

In addition to the main objectives introduced above, we are also interested in (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • Software engineering

  • Computer engineering

  • Research led education in computing

  • International diversity in computing education

STC Benefits to the Community:

  • More flexible, dynamic, technologically current collaboration under CS (e.g., easier conference management, IP access, agile technical communities)

  • Vertically integrated CS, (i.e., communities, products and services).

  • Offer easy, lightweight startup, services-rich CS offering, vertical in nature (topic-specific publications, standards, classes, webinars, books, etc.).

  • Custom-designed IP bundles, discount/free: magazines, conferences, standards, essentialsets/readynotes, professional certification, webinars, etc.